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Domain Pricing Tiers

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Tiers Explained

Ultra Premium

The absolute highest quality domains in existence.  They command the highest prices due to their short, common word domains that have a high-demand in the market.  These are names that businesses or investors strive to aquire, but are extremely rare, making up just 0.5% of the domain market.

Super Premium

Still rare, these domains are only 1% of the registered domain names.  They are short, less common word domains, that still have a high market demand.

High-Value Premium

Uncommon domain names, which make up only 5% of the market, and are very brandable for a success driven startup, small business, or mid/large business buying a domain that matches one of their product names, or for business use.  They are under 15 charcters in length, usually 2 words, and have a medium to high market demand.


While more common, Premium Names are still hard to find, being in the top 14% of domain names.  These domains work well for startups & small businesses, or mid/large businesses buying a domain that matches one of their product names.